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First Call! Medical Training & Solutions

Based in Scotland, we are a dynamic training company & provider of LEVEL 2 & LEVEL 3 First Aid courses.

We deliver courses throughout the U.K.





First Call! Medical Training is a leading authority in the provision of First Aid training. We are entrusted by many of the UK's leading organisations to train and retrain their people.


Our First Aid instructors are experts who have had years of experience dealing with thousands of emergencies. By relating these real life situations as part of our training we can enhance the learning experience and make our courses much more relevant and interesting.

We feel the knowledge and experience of our First Aid instructors is invaluable in helping people gain the confidence and skills to save lives and deal with emergency situations.

To provide the highest standards of training, we ensure that all our trainers use the latest teaching methods that have been designed to assist the learning process and make our First Aid courses both enjoyable and informative.



We offer a full range of first aid training programmes, the best teaching techniques and experienced, well trained instructors - 'an unbeatable combination'. 


We will train your employees on your site at a time to suit your needs, minimising inconvenience and disruption. All we require is a suitable room to train in. Alternatively, a nearby venue can be arranged.

Our instructors have trained clients in business & corporate sectors. We have worked with SPL, SFL & SRU affiliated professional sports clubs.

 If you have a community football club, & are working towards 'Quality Mark' contact us immediately, we specialise in Sports First Aid.





As with our training we provide a high quality, competitive and flexible event cover service.


Our highly trained team of Paramedics, Nurses and Doctors, First Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) are available in any combination to provide individualised cover to suit our customer's needs perfectly.

We have vast experience of providing Medical cover for Motor sport, Combat & Contact Sport MMA, JUDO, etc


 Our Film Unit Advisors & Unit Medics are in demand across the Film & TV industry because of their expert knowledge & vast experience.


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All our courses run the current European Resuscitation & UK Resuscitation Council Guidelines.